Jewish Prayers From the Heart and Pen of Alden Solovy

Hire Me!

Prayer is vital. Finding a voice for prayer is my passion. I’m available to help individuals and worship communities. Send an email to me at to start the conversation.

Let’s Create Prayer

Writing coach and editor – Professional assistance to writers with structuring, developing and conceptualizing their work. Services include writing/rewriting, developmental editing and substantive/line editing.

Readings – Programs combining new prayers with original short fiction, tailored to the setting and the spiritual intent of the event.

Commissioned liturgy – Prayers commissioned for private or synagogue use, such as a dedication or special anniversary. Credits include: “My Rabbi,” written at the request of Beth Emet: The Free Synagogue for the retirement of Rabbi Peter Knobel, and “On Spiritual Service,” written for the installation of Andrea London as the senior rabbi at Beth Emet.

Artistic collaboration – Projects developed jointly with other artists, such as musicians, singers, songwriters, dancers and graphic artists.

Liturgist-in-residence – Custom programs ranging from a focused weekend event to a year-long series of activities, including readings, adult workshops, youth programs and worship.

Writing workshops – Classes and workshops for adults and youth to encourage the creation and expression of prayer or to encourage spiritually-based Jewish writing of all kinds. I have conducted prayer writing workshops in the United States and in Israel for adults, teens and pastoral care professionals.

Contact Information

Let’s get started! Drop me a note at

For general information on reprint permissions, please see “Share the Prayer!” To contact me directly about reprints, use that same email,


6 Responses to “Hire Me!”

  1. Mendel Weinberger

    I have been reading your work and I find I really resonate with your poetic approach. I am thinking maybe I can work with you to find my voice. I find I have intense spurts of inspiration followed my long dry spells. I am also very critical of my writing so don’t push to publish. What are your rates as a writing coach/ editor? Also I could use some marketing advice. All the best.

  2. Keeva Crelan

    I am so delighted that I have found you and your beautiful site, To Bend Light. As I approach Selichot and the High Holy Days, reading your inspiring prayers will illuminate my soul that much more. I intend to share your site with others and will make a donation IMO my son and brother.
    Thank you Alden.

    • tobendlight

      Thanks, Keeva. I appreciate your kindness. Please share the site, post links to specific prayers on Facebook and email links to friends. I’m pleased to have my prayers and stories read and used. B’shalom, Alden

  3. Stephanie Covitz

    Hi Alden,
    I’m a rabbinical student writing my thesis on healing liturgies. I’m really interested in including some of your work in my thesis and talking to you about your process? Could you please get in touch with me?
    Thanks so much,


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