Jewish Prayers From the Heart and Pen of Alden Solovy

The Omer

During the seven weeks from Passover to Shavuot, the period from the exodus from Egypt to revelation on Sinai, Jews count the days and the weeks. Doing so, we remember the journey from the depths of slavery to the heights of G-d’s Holy Presence. Here is prayer to set the intetion for counting: “The Season of Counting.”

According to mystical practice, each week has a theme (and each day a sub-theme) that leads us toward revelation. For convenience, here are links to prayers and meditations divided into each week of Counting the Omer, as well as prayers for Shavuot. The entire list of prayers for Counting the Omer follows below.

  • Week One: Chesed (Lovingkindness, Love, Benevolence)
  • Week Two: Gevurah (Discipline, Justice, Restraint, Awe)
  • Week Three: Tiferet (Beauty, Harmony, Compassion, Truth)
  • Week Four: Netzach (Eternity, Endurance, Fortitude, Ambition)
  • Week Five: Hod (Humility, Splendor)
  • Week Six: Yesod  (Foundation, Bonding)
  • Week Seven: Malchut – Nobility, Sovereignty, Leadership)
  • Shavuot

chesed1Week one: Chesed – Lovingkindness, love, benevolence. They’re listed in my suggested order, from day 1 at the top to day 7.

gevura1Week two: Gevurah – Justice, discipline, severity, restraint, awe. They’re listed from day 8 at the top to day 14.

tiferethWeek three: Tiferet – Beauty, harmony, compassion, truth. They’re listed from day 15 at the top to day 21.

nezach1Week four: Netzach – Eternity, endurance, fortitude, ambition. They’re listed from day 22 at the top to day 28.

hod1Week five: HodHumility, splendor. They’re listed from day 29 at the top to day 35.

  • In Plain Sight” – G-d’s gifts are hidden in plain sight
  • Offerings” – To respond with humility to life’s challenges
  • To Hear Your Voice” – A prayer to hear the Divine Voice
  • Come Walk” – On the magic and majesty of the spiritual journey
  • About the Heavens” – The humility that comes from witnessing G-d’s splendor
  • Let Us Meet” – Finding places to meet G-d’s holiness
  • About the Rainbow” – The nobility manifest in G-d’s splendor

yesod1Week six: Yesod – Foundation, bonding. They’re listed from day 36 to day 42.

malkhut1Week seven: Malchut – Nobility, sovereignty, leadership. They’re listed from day 43 to day 49

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Photo Credit: Kabbalah Names


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