Cover Art

JPHH FinalLegend says that if one goes to the Western Wall for 40 consecutive days to pray for one specific thing, it will be granted. The cover photograph is a close up of the Kotel, the Western Wall of the ancient Jewish Temple, with hand-written notes placed in the space between stones. Putting notes into the cracks of the Western Wall is an old Jewish tradition. It is said that the Divine Presence rests on the Western Wall.

This picture was taken by Martin Sykes-Haas, a Jerusalem-based photographer and a friend. We pray together in a warm and caring prayer and learning community. Martin specializes in pictures of the Old City, street views, abstracts and large scale decorative images. His work ranges from classic views of Jerusalem — Jewish, Christian and Moslem –to shots of the unique, the interesting and the unexpected. Please check out his work by visiting his web site at

I selected this image for a variety of reasons. It’s an icon of Jerusalem, my new home. I love this particular shot, the framing and the colors. It’s also an icon for both the Jewish longing for G-d and the longing for Israel, as well our dedication to prayer. More personally, as a piece of artwork by a local photographer from my kehila, a man I know and see regularly, it represents the new connections I’m making here in Israel.

The cover was designed by Mayapria Long and her team at Bookwrights.

Pre-Publication Sales Available Nov. 8

Pre-publication sales will be available on this site soon.


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