Jewish Prayers of Hope and Healing

Using These Prayers
Suggestions for Clergy

A Life of Meaning


Seeking God
For Service
For Devotion
To Hear Your Voice
To Seek Your Love
For Grace
Prayers of My Heart
The Path of Righteousness
For Humility
For Compassion
For Joy
For a New Vision
Each Day


For Creation
In Praise
Sing Hallelujah
Dance Hallelujah
Praise the New Day
Sing Out
Every Heart
Your Name


Father’s Meditation
Mother’s Meditation
For Family
On the Birth of a Child
On the Birth of Grandchildren
For the Matriarch
For the Patriarch
For Our Sisters
For Our Brothers
For the Family Historian
Meditation for a Child’s First Torah Reading
My Child Leaves Home
Family Healing
Dear Brother, Dear Sister

Love and Friendship

For New Love
For an Open Heart
In This Turning: A New Year’s Day Meditation
This Ring: An Ending
This Ring: An Ending (long version)
Quick Blessing for a Past Love
On Connecting with Old Friends
Quick Blessing for a Friend’s Departure

Meditations near the End of Life

Near the End: A Meditation
Things Break
Every Beginning
Dwelling Place
Gather Me

Yizkor and Memorial Prayers

In Memory of an Organ Donor
For Donor Families
For Those Who Donated Their Bodies to Medical Research
Yizkor for First Responders
At the Hand of Violence: A Yizkor Prayer
After a Deadly Rampage
Yizkor for a Soldier
Meditation on the Burial of a Young Child

Remembering 9/11

For 9/11 Survivors
At the Hand of Terror: A 9/11 Yizkor Prayer
At the Hand of Terror II: A 9/11 Memorial Prayer
Memorial Prayer for 9/11 First Responders

Holocaust and Anti-Semitism

At the Hand of Anti-Semitism: A Yizkor Prayer
Shoah Memorial Prayer
After the Horror
Tears of Crystal, Tears of Broken Glass
Munich Massacre Memorial Prayer

Healing the Body

General Prayers for Healing

Quick Prayer for Healing
Quick Prayer for My Healing
Quick Prayer for Healing (specific)
Inviting Healing
This Well of Pain
For Endurance
Relief from Chronic Pain
Relief of a Loved One’s Chronic Pain
On Recurrent Pain


Before My Surgery
Before a Loved One’s Surgery
Before My Child’s Surgery
After My Surgery
After a Loved One’s Surgery
After My Child’s Surgery
Upon My Recovery from Surgery

Pregnancy and Fertility

For Pregnancy

For Fertility Treatment (women)
For Fertility Treatment (men)
Waiting for Fertility Test Results
To a Spouse/Partner during Fertility Treatments
When a High-Risk Pregnancy Is Confirmed (women)
When a High-Risk Pregnancy Is Confirmed (men/partners)
Loss of a Pregnancy (women)
Loss of a Pregnancy (men/partners)


Cancer Fear
Cancer Fear, Family or Friend
Waiting for a Pre-Diagnosis Biopsy and Results
Waiting for a Follow-Up Biopsy and Results
Upon Receiving a Cancer Diagnosis
Upon a Loved One’s Receiving a Cancer Diagnosis
For Cancer Treatment
For a Loved One’s Cancer Treatment
Cancer Remission
Cancer Anniversary
On the Recurrence of Cancer
My Cancer, My Children
My Child’s Cancer Diagnosis
My Child’s Cancer Treatment

Critical Illness

For a Critically Ill Child
For a Critically Ill Father
For a Critically Ill Mother
My Illness, My Children
On Waiting for an Organ Transplant
Upon Entering a Clinical Trial
Waiting for My Test Results
Waiting for a Spouse’s/Partner’s Test Results
Waiting for a Loved One’s Test Results

Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Dementia

Diagnosis with Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia
Diagnosis with Parkinson’s Disease
To My Spouse/Partner on My Diagnosis with Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s Disease
This Watching, This Waiting

Addiction and Mental Illness

For an Alcoholic or Addict
Mental Illness
My Depression
My Child’s Self-Inflicted Wounds

Hospice Care and End of Life

Upon Entering Hospice Care
Upon a Loved One’s Entering Hospice Care
For My Children as I Enter Hospice Care
On Removing a Child’s Life Support

Medical Science and Medical Professionals

For Physicians
For Nurses
For My Nurses, Therapists and Aides
For Medical Science
For Organ Donation
For Organ and Tissue Donation

Healing the Soul


R’fu’at Hanefesh
For Healing the Spirit
For Sharing Divine Gifts
Regarding Old Wounds
Season of Sorrow
Carry Me


For the Bereaved
For Bereaved Children
After Shiva
This Wound
Shall I Cry?


Life as a Ceremony
Life as a Banquet
Life as a Garden
Life as a Symphony
In Plain Sight
The Open Space
Whispered Prayer
This Moment

Reader’s Guide
Questions for Discussion
Author Interview
Glossary of Hebrew Terms

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