Jewish Prayers From the Heart and Pen of Alden Solovy

Shabbat Blessing for Children Who Have Left Home

Shabbat-Candles-640x425One of my great joys of parenthood is putting my hands on my daughters’ heads and blessing them. As they went off to college and to see the world, those opportunities diminished. Now we are an ocean apart. And still, every Shabbat, when I light my candles, I remember them in prayer, in blessing. Optional lines appear in [brackets].

Shabbat Blessing for Children Who Have Left Home
My children,
Dear ones,
You are light before my eyes.
I miss your laugh, your smile, your hug,
Your hand in mine.

Bless you on your journey.
Bless you in your home and on your travels.
May you be surrounded with
Joy and beauty,
Adventure and wonder,
Hope and love.
Let Torah and mitzvot guide your steps.
[Bless your family.]
[Heal your body and spirit.]
Let G-d’s goodness rain down upon you
From this Shabbat until the next,
And all the days of your life.

© 2012 Alden Solovy and All rights reserved.

Postscript: My other prayers for children include: “On the Birth of a Child,” “Father’s Meditation,” “Meditation for a Child’s First Torah Reading,” “For My Child’s Surgery,” “For a Critically-Ill Child,” “My Child Leaves Home,” “On the Birth of Grandchildren” and “For Bereaved Children.”

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Photo Credit: The Shiksa in the Kitchen


2 Responses to “Shabbat Blessing for Children Who Have Left Home”

  1. Omer Harvest

    Beautiful, Avi. Wondering if you’d like to try writing your poems in Hebrew now as well … This would be wonderful to recite with our other Shabbat blessings. Wishing you a very sweet Shabbat, Yael

    • tobendlight

      Thanks, Yael. I am not at a point where I can write in Hebrew. I have used translators from time-to-time. I’m thinking about a broader approach to Hebrew on this site. Suggestions welcome. Alden


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