Jewish Prayers From the Heart and Pen of Alden Solovy

I Am a King: A Meditation for Men

In every man there is a king, a beautiful, wise and powerful man who sees, heals and blesses. Sadly, sometimes we become tyrants. And sometimes we abdicate our duties. This is a meditation to remind myself and other men that all of us have a deep well of spiritual gold. We are men of honor and integrity. We are kings in service to our families, our loved ones, ourselves, the world. Kings in service to the Holy One, G-d of All Being. To listen along, click on the triangle in the bar below (website only). The text follows.

I Am a King: A Meditation for Men
I am a king.
Not the king.
A king.
Like all men,
Born with a seed of majesty,
A gift of the Sovereign of Heaven.
This gift is mine to nurture,
To love,
To hold sacred in service of G-d.

Rock of Truth,
Some men fear this gift,
Hate it, reject it,
Abdicating Your call to heal and create.
Some men grab this gift with zeal,
Tyrants abusing their power,
Destroying and devouring
Land and people.

Rock of Life,
Make me a king with a heart of gold,
Holding my life and the world
As precious gifts,
To honor and to cherish,
To build and to sustain.

Rock of Love,
Bless me so that I bless.
See me so that I see.
Hear me so that I hear.
Then, G-d of Old,
I will be Your servant on earth
All the days of my life.

© 2011 Alden Solovy and All rights reserved.

Postscript: Check out these prayers for men: “My Work Remains,” “For the Lost” and “My Heart Knows What It Needs,” as well as a list of other prayers for and about men.

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2 Responses to “I Am a King: A Meditation for Men”

  1. Keith Torgan

    Hi Alden,

    This is a deep, powerful meditation. It gives me clarity and peace and reminds me of who and what I want and need to be.

    Thank you,

    • tobendlight

      Thanks Keith. The support and encouragement help keep me writing. Here’s a link to other prayers and meditations for men. One of my favorites is called “My Work Remains.” Happy Thanksgiving, Alden


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